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Manifestation & Abundance Bracelet

  • Manifestation & Abundance Bracelet - Intuitively hand-picked, handmade with loving healing energies.   

    Happiness, Abundance, Love, Wealth and Health. 

    • SMOKEY QUARTZ - Assists the realisation of dreams, boosts success with projects.
    • CITRINE - Supports abundance in all areas.
    • GREEN AVENTURINE - Brings good fortune, enhances prosperity, brings success to new goals, self employment and with careers.
    • TIGER EYE - Enhances good luck and brings prosperity. Aids creativity and enterprise.
    • NEW JADE - Known as the stone of prosperity, wealth, health, happiness & joy.
    • GOLDSTONE - Helps to attain ones goals. It aids growth, abundance and good luck.
    • AMETHYST - Brings peace, stability & calm.
    • HEMATITE - Helps you to ground yourself.

    ** Image is an indication only. 

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