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Take surrogates out of anything or any situation.

  • 30 min
  • 97 Australian dollars
  • Moya will call you on your mobile

Service Description

WHAT IS SURROGATING ENERGIES? This is when you take on and hold in your own system other peoples energies. When you surrogate your energy system becomes drained and disengages from your own personal power. EXAMPLE OF HOW YOU CAN HAVE BECOME A SURROGATE OF SOMEONE ELSES ENERGIES When you are feeling great and a friend rings who is feeling depressed, after the call you are no longer feeling great, you are now feeling down. This is because you have surrogated their energy trauma out of compassion. It is very important for you to stay in your own power and NOT surrogate the energy traumas of others because when you are in your own power you will not only feel better, you are more of value to those people you care about. You are then able to support them in strength and NOT in disempowerment.

Cancellation Policy

We will require 48 hours (2 days) notice before you can cancel or reschedule your appointment, email Thank you for understanding in advance

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