Kelly, NSW


" I have been going to Moya for healings and readings over the years.


Recently I had my first CTC Session - (Combined Therapy Cocktail) with her and she is an amazing therapist. Right away I felt lighter, vibrant, energised, I could feel my energy levels beaming.


All negativity disappeared and I had only positive thoughts. I have gained back my power to live, to be free, to vibrate love and power and courage.


Before my session with Moya I had so many negative thoughts, anxiety and depression, self-doubt, low self esteem but now Moya has taught me a new way of life and I believe in myself.. 


I am happier and I am breaming. I have become my best self and I attract only positive people and experiences.


I highly recommend Moya. Thank you for helping me find my way again and give me back my soul purpose in life."

Sydel, QLD

"So incredibly grateful to Moya for her help and support.

Her work is amazing and she is able to really tune in to what matters most and help to clear.


Her insights are spot on and working with Moya has allowed me to remove what isn’t needed any more, balance emotions

and heal what needs to be healed.

She is such a loving, caring and genuine healer and if you are wanting real results that make a positive difference in your life

(and right away) then you have arrived at right place. Thank you so much from the bottom of heart !! Lots of love"


Rosie, NSW

"As a spiritual person working in a clinical environment Moya's healing session keep me in balance.


As soon as i book a session i can feel the energy around me change.


When i feel so overwhelmed by the demands of life Moya's sessions give me a new positive perspective which gives me the strength and balance to manage the issues.


The outcomes always work out for the best for all involved. I book in with Moya to maintain my emotional well being.


 I 100% guarantee that i have never been disappointed with the experience."

Liz, NSW

"Moya is truly gifted. Her spiritual guidance, wisdom and insights are pure blessings from up above.


Her kindness, compassion, caring and understanding makes her even more special. 


Thank you Moya for all the amazing work you do. Not only are you healing many souls,  you are also changing lives. God Bless x"

Cathy, NSW

"I highly recommend Moya's services, there were many validations in the multi readings i have had with Moya.


She has told me things that I needed to hear.


Moya is a kind and giving soul who was very compassionate and gentle throughout the readings.

She really took the time out for me, and went above and beyond"