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RAW Citrine Abundance

  • Also known as the "Happy Stone" &  "The Walth Stone" 


    Manifestation stone brings in abundance, success, joy and magic in life. Has positive vibration which helps to increase confidence, self-esteem, energy, protection, enlightenment and good fortune.



    • "I am abundant"
    • "My life is filled with light, joy, enthusiasm and creativity."
    • "I am confident in my ability to succeed in all areas of my life."
    • "I create the world I want."
    • "I trust the process in life."
    • "I fully embrace my courage, confidence, success, and self-worth."


    Help's with...

    • Money 
    • Confidence 
    • Success
    • Creativity 
    • Prosperity 
    • Clarity 
    • Oritection
    • Vision 
    • Will Power
    • Motivation


    RAW Citrine Abundance Crystal has been individually hand picked by Moya Essa and before it is shipped, your crystal will be cleansed and charged by Moya with her crystal cleaning invocation.


    ** Image is an indication only. 

    Actual stone will vary in colour, size, shape and texture.

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